LSL Enterprise Console user interface for the Access Control System.

LSL RFID Access Control & Asset Tracking System v3 - Application Notes

Application Note – Paired Tag RFID Equipment Tracking

LSL Enterprise Console

The LSL Enterprise Console ( LEC ) is the graphical user interface for the system.  All configuration of the LPN’s and LSL Enterprise Server are performed through LEC.  Users, Portals, Control Options, Authorized User, Portal, and Times, real-time output from the LPN’s, the LEC is a one stop user interface for the system.

LSL Enterprise Server

The LSL Enterprise Server ( LES ) provides the core central software server for the system.  All LPN appliances connect to the LES for configuration, setup, data storage, logging, user updates, and software enhancements

LSL RFID Access Control System & Asset Tracking v3.3

The LSL ACS is a hardware and software combination that provides a complete solution for tracking, electronic door authorization, access control, auditing, and logging.  It can be configured to utilize RFID tags, magnetic card readers, HID ProxCards and many other data acquisition types.

The LSL ACS consists of three key components, two software, one hardware.

  • LSL Enterprise Server (LES) Core server that communicates with all components, interfaces to database, and coordinates all processing
  • LSL Enterprise Console (LEC) Graphical user interface to configure, monitor, and control your enterprise
  • LSL LPN-SEC Hardware that works with physical readers, communicates directly to LES through a secure channel
  • LSL Communication Server (LCS) Core server that communicates with graphical interface components, interfaces to the database, interfaces to 3rd party products, and processes the compressed data streams from the LSL LPN-SEC .

LPN-SEC - LSL Security Processing Node v3

LSL has designed and developed a hardened Linux based embedded industrial class solution utilizing a robust distributed paradigm.   The system has many different applications. 

One of the first to see commercial success is the LPN-SEC security and tracking node.  Combined with LSL Enterprise software this system provides a complete multi-format access control solution for tracking people, assets, vehicles, and securing buildings with integrated billing/charge back capability for parking applications.

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