LSL Access Control System is the overall system consisting of the LSL Enterprise Server ( LES ), LSL Enterprise Console ( LEC ), and the LPN hardware components.

LSL Development Framework v6.0.0 - Port to Java for 2019 Release

Linux Software Labs Inc. is pleased to announce the Java port of the LSL-LDF v6.0 to support our new cloud, IoT, and IIoT product development goals for 2019.

The port is centered on the LSL-LDF CORE components that deal with licensing, registration, networking, database access, encryption, and much more. These initial efforts will not address the GUI component portions of the LSL-LDF.

We are very excited about these new products and will be publishing additional information in the coming weeks.

LSL Development Framework v6.0.0

LSL has developed and improved upon our advanced object oriented software development framework to enhance design to delivery times.  With v6.0.0 the LSL Development Framework has completely refactored and redesigned the core framework to provide highly secure application design, support more platforms, new ( ARM ) processor architectures, new SQL databases, NoSQL, and more.

The LSL Development Framework is designed from the ground up for the highest possible application security.

The LSL Development Framework provides enhancements to all areas of software design including iOS applications, database applications, console applications, control applications, and general use applications.

What Makes LSL ACS 4.1 So Unique

The LSL ACS v4.1 system has many unique features besides being extremely reliable and robust. This list highlights some of our advantages over the competition.

  • Full access control and integrated asset tracking including Advanced Paired User/Assets/Tags
  • Runs on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows 2000 through Windows 7
  • LSL LPN-SEC hardware appliance runs LSL customized Linux and is extremely reliable. Regulary runs for years at a time without rebooting or crashing.

LSL ACS 4.0 Advanced Paired Users/Assets/Tags

Advanced Paired Users/Assets/Tags provides for a complete multiple reader hardware pairing relationship between Users, Assets, and Tags. This is of primarily used in Asset tracking applications, but does have significant application is pairing between different groups of Users.

LSL ACS 4.1 What's New

What's New in LSL ACS Release 4.1

LSL ACS Report Examples v4.0

The LSL ACS v4.0 system provides a significant number of reports for analyzing and presenting collected transaction data from SQL database.

More reports are added all the time based on our internal analysis and feedback from our customers.

Report Examples:

All Transactions - By Date: Lists all transactions during a user provided data range.
All Transactions report example

LSL Access Control System v4.0 Overview

LSL ACS / Enterprise Console - Screen Shots v4.0

Click on any of the graphics for a full resolution version.

Main Application Screen:

Example of main LEC window. Shows real time output from all connected portals/devices.
Mac OS X:
Main Screen OS X
Windows 7:
Main Screen Windows 7
Linux ( RedHat 5 ):

LSL RFID Access Control & Asset Tracking System v4.0 - Application Notes

Application Note – Paired Tag RFID Equipment Tracking

LSL Communication Server v4.0

The LSL ACS Communication Server ( LCS ) is a new server component of the LSL ACS system, that can run on Linux, Windows, or Mac OS X. It can run on the same server as the LSL Enterprise Server or on a separate server for performance and redundancy.

For modern multi-core CPU's and in keeping with the LSL design philosophy of completely distributed, no single point of failure systems, this server allows for better balance and superior performance across the LSL RFID Access Control and Asset Tracking product.

The primary function of the LSL Communication Server is the following:

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