LSL Products

LSL Products range from Firewalls to RFID Systems

LSL RFID Access Control and Asset Tracking System v4.1
The LSL ACS combination of software, hardware, documentation, and universal hardware support brings RFID access control and asset tracking to the masses.

LSL Development Framework v6.0.0
The LDF is an object oriented development framework that greatly reduces time to delivery. It also significantly improves the quality of applications by building on well established, tested development components. Currently supports C++, Python, Java, and Xojo languages.

LSL Server Manager v1.1
The LSL Server Manager combination of server and client software provides a simple to use graphical managament system for LSL Linux based systems.

LSL Network Server Monitor
LSL NSM is a enterprise grade network, server, DB, and general service monitor that checks services, just like your users. So you know you have a problem before your users know you have a problem.

Firewall Appliance
A hardened, industrial class computing system with no moving parts forms the basis of this security product. First class firewall with graphical interface for ease of use.

Server Hardware
Traditional servers provide the processing power to run any of the LSL software products available. Fully certified for our products and most linux distributions.

Network Server Software
Network server software to provide various services like email, file servers, firewalls, internet gateway, and intrusion detection.