LSL Development Framework 3.5.1 Released

LSL is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the LSL Development Framework v3.5.1

This release incorporates a new Reporting Framework into the LDF that allows rapid development and deployment of integrated reports into all LSL LDF based graphical applications.

The new reporting capability includes parametrized reports with pop-up data input allowing the end user to enter date ranges, search criteria, basically any data that can be incorporated into a report at run time.

In addition the new 3.5.1 LDF has numerous bug fixes throughout the core system in GUI controls, database drivers, etc. All users are encouraged to update to the new release.

LSL has developed an advanced object oriented software development framework to enhance design to delivery times. The development framework provides enhancements to all areas of software design including network applications, database applications, server/service applications, data acquisition and control applications, and general use applications.

Native database driver support for:

Real Server
Oracle 9i, 10g, 11
MS SQL Server ( Windows Only )
LSL DB Server
Valentina Server
MySQL Enterprise/Commercial Edition

ODBC driver support for:

MS SQL Server
Oracle 9i, 10g, 11
MySQL Community Edition

Existing projects based on 3.5.0 can be upgraded in about 1 hour.