Industrial Internet of Things

Cloud Native Application Design and Development

Linux Software Labs Inc. engineers are passionate about Cloud Native Application development.

We have been designing the next generation of IoT Cloud based applications for our own products, and now we are offering that experience and expertise to our customers.

Embedded Linux / RTOS / Firmware Development

Linux Software Labs Inc. specializes in development of embedded Linux, RTOS, and firmware development.

We have current experience in the following OS & RTOS:

Linux uCLinux NuttX
ThreadX FreeRTOS Amazon FreeRTOS IoT

LSL Development Framework v6.0.0 - Port to Java for 2019 Release

Linux Software Labs Inc. is pleased to announce the Java port of the LSL-LDF v6.0 to support our new cloud, IoT, and IIoT product development goals for 2019.

The port is centered on the LSL-LDF CORE components that deal with licensing, registration, networking, database access, encryption, and much more. These initial efforts will not address the GUI component portions of the LSL-LDF.

We are very excited about these new products and will be publishing additional information in the coming weeks.

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