ARM processor support

LSL MEGA Development Announcement

Linux Software Labs Inc. is very excited to announce the development of a new product family revolving around email. LSL is engineering a new generation of advanced enterprise grade email clients code named LSL-MEGA. These new clients will support Anti-SPAM measures, database storage, various SMTP and IMAP backends, as well as advanced filtering.

Like all LSL products we will ship these new products on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. Stay tuned!

LSL Development Framework v6.0.0 - Ports to Python and C++ underway!

Linux Software Labs Inc. is pleased to announce the Python and C++ ports of the LSL-LDF v6.0 to support our new product development goals for 2018 and 2019.

The ports are concentrated on the LSL-LDF CORE components that deal with licensing, registration, networking, database access, encryption, and much more. These initial efforts will not address the GUI component portions of the LSL-LDF.

We are very excited about these new products and will be publishing additional information in the coming weeks.

LSL Access Control and Asset Tracking Port to ARM ( Raspberry Pi 2 ) Update

LSL R&D engineers have been working on our ARM strategy since well before the release of the Raspberry Pi development board, using Freescale i.MX family processors. With the release of the Raspberry Pi 2, we decided to build and price a version of our LSL Access Control and Asset Tracking System over to ARM.

Using our newly released LSL Development Framework v6.0.0 we were able to produce a working port in a matter of 16 hours of effort for one embedded firmware and two server software applications.

LSL Datacenter Upgrade and Infrastructure Buildout

LSL IT staff have just completed a major upgrade to our internal systems, with major new equipment upgrades to better support our customers.

LSL Development Framework Released

LSL is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the LSL Development Framework v6.0.0. Over 12 months in design, development, and testing, this new release brings many new features including: ARM processor support, 64bit x86 support, 64bit ARM support, a completely new core LSL Application Framework, improved Mac OS X Cocoa support, new GUI components, new Supported Databases, NoSQL, and many bug fixes.

LSL Development Framework v6.0.0

LSL has developed and improved upon our advanced object oriented software development framework to enhance design to delivery times.  With v6.0.0 the LSL Development Framework has completely refactored and redesigned the core framework to provide highly secure application design, support more platforms, new ( ARM ) processor architectures, new SQL databases, NoSQL, and more.

The LSL Development Framework is designed from the ground up for the highest possible application security.

The LSL Development Framework provides enhancements to all areas of software design including iOS applications, database applications, console applications, control applications, and general use applications.

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