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LSL Development Framework 3.6.0 Released

LSL is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the LSL Development Framework v3.6.0. Over 18 months in design, development, and testing, this new release brings many new features including: Enhanced External Database support, Third Generation License and Key Management, Third Generation User Security Framework, Enhanced Encryption, new GUI components, new Supported Databases, and many bug fixes.

LSL RFID Access Control System & Asset Tracking v4.1

The LSL RFID Access Control and Asset Tracking System ( LSL ACS ) is a hardware and software combination that provides a complete solution for asset tracking, electronic door authorization, access control, auditing, and logging.  It can be configured to utilize Biometric ( fingerprint, iris, facial recognition ), active RFID, passive RFID, magnetic card readers, HID ProxCards, numeric keypads, and many other access control and asset tracking reader types.

What's New in LSL ACS 4.1

LSL Development Framework v3.6.0

LSL has developed an advanced object oriented software development framework to enhance design to delivery times.  The development framework provides enhancements to all areas of software design including database applications, console applications, control applications, and general use applications.

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