LSL RFID Access Control and Asset Tracking System v3.2

LSL is very pleased to announce the immediate availability of the LSL RFID Access Control and Asset Tracking System v3.2

This version brings significant new firmware, software features, and bug fixes to the LSL ACS system including the new integrated reporting capability with 13 new reports. You can review detailed information at

Software Features – version 3.2:
• 13 New Reports integrated into the LSL Enterprise Console GUI interface. Allows for detailed reporting to provide information from the historical SQL database. Options for reports by Portal/Door, User, Alarms, etc. Ability to use date ranges, and search for individual portal descriptions, user names, allows reporting to be broad or focused.
• Easier to use registration and key management, integration with new LSL Support Ticket System, makes installation and support easier.
• Upgraded to LSL Development Framework 3.5.1 with all new DB support, Reporting System and advantages the new LDF brings to the table.
• Automatic reconnect to the database server if the connection drops or has an network issue, prevents data loss and maintains high availability.
• Newly re-designed network server interface in LSL Enterprise Server component, adds higher level of security to network connections, eliminates possibility of attacks, and prevents hacking attempts.
• Enhanced scrolling and zooming interface in the Floorplan Tracking module, allows users to zoom in/out, scale the graphic, scroll around, all while providing the same tracking and "Find" capability for any object in the system at any zoom/magnification level.

Bug Fixes:
• Potentially critical issue with PostgreSQL driver resolved in new LDF 3.5.X series.
• All database drivers have been reviewed and significantly enhanced and standardized in the new LDF 3.5.X series.
• Many other minor issues resolved in GUI interface, and underlying core database, registration, and networking code with upgrade to new LDF 3.5.1.

In order to assist our customers during this tough economic environment LSL will provide FREE LPN-SEC firmware driver development for new reader families not currently supported by the LSL ACS system within the following framework:
• PO for purchase of a system.
• Any required “Manufacturer Development Kit” costs will be paid by the customer up front. These are typically $500-$3000 at cost.
• LSL will provide a driver to read the data and process it within the LSL ACS system, supporting our standard features. Custom or complex control algorithms are not part of this offer.
• On going support and maintenance of driver will be covered under our standard support agreements.