LSL RFID Access Control and Asset Tracking System v3.0

LSL is very pleased to announce the immediate availability of the LSL RFID Access Control and Asset Tracking System v3.0

This version brings significant new hardware, firmware, and software features and capabilities to the LSL ACS system. You can review detailed information at

Hardware - version 3:

Common Features:
• Fanless operation
• Industrial CF cards
• USB expansion options
• Small form factor appliance

Industrial Version 3:
• PC/104 and PC/104 plus expansion cards
• 500 Mhz – 2.4 Ghz CPU options
• Rugged, extended temperature range operation

Standard Version 3:
• PCI or PCIe expansion cards
• 700 Mhz – 1.8 Ghz CPU options
• Cost effective, solid quality

Software – version 3:
• Paired Tags – Allows for the “pairing” of tags representing users or assets. For example this allows the system to track a laptop “paired” to one or more “users” that are authorized to move that asset. If a paired object goes through a portal/door alone, the system will automatically initiate the appropriate designated “Alarm” response. It can also track the “alarmed” item in real time on screen through the Floorplan Tracking module. This feature is supported on all reader/hardware types.
• Upgraded to LSL Development Framework 3.4.6 with all new DB support and advantages the new LDF brings to the table.
• Track on Alarm – Automatically brings up a real time graphical tag tracking system on the security screen of any “Alarm” condition in the system.

Firmware – version 3:
• Identec RFID reader family
• Alien RFID reader family
• Wavetrend RFID reader family
• HID Proxcard reader family
• MagStripe card reader family
• Numeric Keypad reader family

In order to assist our customers during this tough economic environment LSL will provide FREE LPN-SEC firmware driver development for new reader families not currently supported by the LSL ACS system within the following framework:
• PO for purchase of a system.
• Any required “Manufacturer Development Kit” costs will be paid by the customer up front. These are typically $500-$3000 at cost.
• LSL will provide a driver to read the data and process it within the ACS system, supporting our standard features. Custom or complex control algorithms are not part of this offer.
• On going support and maintenance of driver will be covered under our standard support agreements.