LSL Development Framework 3.4.6 Released

LSL is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the LSL Development Framework v3.4.6

LSL has developed an advanced object oriented software development framework to enhance design to delivery times. The development framework provides enhancements to all areas of software design including database applications, console applications, control applications, and general use applications.

New Certified ODBC driver support for:

MS SQL Server

New Certified Native Database Driver for:

Oracle 9i, 10g, 11
RealSQL Server by Real Software.

Improvements to all database drivers in this release:

* New exception handling integrated into DB drivers.
* New SQL logging to show exactly what is being generated for a given DB type.
* Better multi-DB support.
* Many bug fixes in DB drivers and supporting framework for database applications.
* Updated DB drivers for compatibility with newest available DB versions.

Improvements to all application types:

* Fixed many core bugs in framework.
* Upgraded framework for compatibility with all new versions of various compilers and 3rd party add-ins.
* New TCP/IP classes for easy to create and use network applications.
* New exception handling design for core LDF.

This release realizes all the functional goals of the initial 3.4.x framework design. Many bugs have been identified and fixed since the 3.4.5 release.

Existing projects based on 3.4.x can be upgraded in about 1 hour.

Existing projects based on 3.3.x and earlier can be upgraded in about 6-8 hours on average.