Security Design and Implementation Services

Our security specialists have extensive experience designing firewalls customized to each clients specific needs.  There is no one size fits all design in firewall technology.  The best firewall is the one that only lets in the traffic you really need.  Not every client has the same traffic requirements. 

Let LSL custom design the best firewall rule set you can have.  Once it is in place we can monitor it and make adjustments in real time to tune the rules to fit your environment perfectly.

Once it is running as desired LSL can perform routine maintenance on the system remotely, dump logs, provide reports on all aspects of the system and it’s performance.

Enterprise Security Assessment:

An ESA is a short term consulting engagement between one and two weeks that completely analyses and reports on your security status.   Our security specialists pour through every aspect of your companies network, servers, applications, firewalls, and procedures to find any weakness.

We then provide a detailed report with the findings and specific recommendations on remediation.

If you choose we can even do the remediation work for you.  Each of these engagements is a customized endeavor based on the company, size, number of employees, network infrastructure, etc.

Call today to schedule a time to meet and go over your needs and company details.  We will then provide a detailed quote and statement of work for your approval to get started on making your business secure.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention:

LSL provides an portable onsite IDS system for short term use to identify problems from any immediate threat.  We travel to your location with our highly tuned portable Linux based IDS system, monitor the network and provide a full report back to you on what is happening in your network. 

In addition we provide a list of recommended remediation steps to halt any further malicious activity based on what is found in the IDS logs.

The best solution for continued monitoring is to install one of the LSL IDS systems to monitor and report on any malicious activity 24/7.  These systems provide long term peace of mind and a early warning system.

Customers with systems under support are updated daily to keep the detection profiles current.  If a major threat occurs your updated and able to recognize it as soon as possible.