LSL Company Overview

Linux Software Labs ( LSL ) was founded in 1997 to provide best in class products and services to small and medium business.

Our company philosophy is how to best serve the customer’s needs. LSL uses the most up to date hardware, software, and design methodologies to deliver quality solutions.

Many times LSL can find a more reliable and reasonably priced way of getting the job done.

Security, reliability, performance, and cost effectiveness are the four fundamental components of a high quality solution. These are the tenets that LSL works from on any product or consulting arrangement.

LSL’s founder Jason Moehlman has an extensive history of unique technical accomplishments. As a software developer, Jason has found and eliminated international computer viruses, designed embedded Linux based RFID control systems, created advanced network and server monitoring systems. He has designed a one of kind, several hundred person interactive multimedia theatre. As a networking expert Jason designed one of the highest performance, fully redundant, fully converged data/voice/video networks in use today.

LSL accomplishes in hours what most firms will spend days trying to fulfill.

LSL is committed to providing our customers the very best products, service, and engineers in the industry.