LSL NSM Software Only Pricing

The software only version is sold in two configurations, a ready to run VMWare virtual appliance or Linux executables.

The virtual appliance can be started and configured in about 5 minutes after installation of the VMWare Player software. It is the recamended method for a software only install.

If you select the pure executables version on a general distribution you must be comfortable with Linux and in particular the following:

  • Compiling a custom kernel
  • Downloading and installing software from the Internet
  • Finding supporting packages as required for downloaded software systems.
  • Installing shrink wrapped software
  • Verifying functionality of installed software packages.

Many distributions have been tested.  Red Hat Enterprise 3 and above, SuSE Professional 9.2 or above, Debian Sarge & Etch, Gentoo 2005 or above have all been tested as functional.

We recommend a server meeting the tier specifications as listed below.  We have found these to provide an ample system for running the software.

Software Only

Server Specs.


5 nodes or less

Tier 1

$   125

10 nodes or less

Tier 2

$   225

25 nodes or less

Tier 2

$   525

50 nodes or less

Tier 2


100 nodes or less

Tier 3


200 nodes or less

Tier 3


Unlimited Nodes

Tier 3


Tier 1

2.8Ghz CPU, Mirrored 40GB IDE, 1 GB RAM, CD-ROM, Modem, Keyboard, Mouse, Mini Tower Case.

Tier 2

3.0+Ghz CPU, Mirrored 120GB SATA, 2 GB RAM, CD-ROM, Rack Mount Case, Modem, Keyboard, Mouse.

Tier 3

3.0+Ghz CPU, Mirrored 73GB SCSI HD, 2 GB RAM, CD-ROM, Rack Mount Case, Modem, Keyboard, Mouse.

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